Who is Mohammed Alriffaie?

Mohammed Alriffaie March 14, 1988. Is a Bahraini entrepreneur and a consultant. He is a co-founder of Alriffaie Consultancy, Enchantment Management Co., Revive Bahrain, Gamers Valley W.L.L, and Stranding Trading company. Is now more known for his work in the business field and social media.

Mohammed Alriffaie was born in Bahrain, grew up in Riffa, and graduated from Sheikh Abdullah Bin Isa Al Khalifa Technical Secondary Boys School in Isa Town. He quit three courses at the University of Bahrain, University College of Bahrain, and NYIT, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree from AMA International University Bahrain in the Information Technology department. He took a master’s degree at the University of Bahrain and presented his final project several times but they could not understand it.

Mohammed Alriffaie Companies:-

Enchantment Management Co., Stranding Trading, Bordoge, Hexa Production, The Art Scene, Knots, and Steve Contracting

Alriffaie Consultancy Top Services:-

Websites, Consultations, Feasibility Study, and HR Manual

Our Services

Enchantment Management Co

Enchantment Management Company, located in Bahrain, offers comprehensive business solutions. Our services include transforming ideas into thriving ventures, connecting entrepreneurs with investors, facilitating business sales, conducting thorough evaluations, and facilitating company acquisitions. Trust us to guide your business journey with expertise and efficiency. Your success is our priority.

Enchantment Management Company is a diverse conglomerate with ownership of nine establishments across multiple industries. Our portfolio includes construction projects, renowned sweet and juice brands, a successful clothing brand, an art studio promoting creativity, a media production company, general trading ventures, cutting-edge IT solutions, excellence in hospitality management, and a trusted consultation company. Embrace the power of our diverse expertise for unparalleled success.

Alriffaie Consultancy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enchantment Management Company, is a premier consulting firm specializing in consultations, feasibility studies, business models, clearing services, and business-focused courses. Established in 2019, Alriffaie has earned the trust of over 3,000 clients seeking comprehensive solutions to propel their businesses forward.

With a team of seasoned consultants, we offer in-depth feasibility studies, market analysis, and customized business models to drive growth and profitability. Our clearing services ensure compliance and streamline administrative processes, while our business courses empower individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in today’s competitive landscape.

Furthermore, our comprehensive HR manual assists businesses in establishing effective human resource practices, from recruitment to talent management and employee development. We take pride in building long-term partnerships, delivering exceptional results, and exceeding client expectations.

Choose Alriffaie Consultancy as your trusted advisor, and together, we’ll unlock your business’s full potential for sustainable growth.

Alriffaie Consultancy

Stranding Trading, a subsidiary of Enchantment Management Company, aims to become an agency for international brands. Their first successful deal is with Caffe Mauro, an Italian roasted coffee company. Stranding holds the franchise rights for the Middle East region, experiencing immense demand, selling over 145,000 tons annually. Expanding to the Gulf region, they have become the top seller in the United Arab Emirates. Now, they are entering Qatar and Bahrain through a franchise agreement with “Miles Stone” company, operating as “Stranding Trading W.L.L”. Led by Mohammed Alriffaie, the company plans to supply capsules to supermarkets and online platforms, expand to direct coffee shop sales, establish a training institute, a coffee hub, and a community for coffee enthusiasts.

Stranding Trading has successfully established partnerships with three prominent hypermarkets, enabling wide-scale distribution of Caffe Mauro capsules. Additionally, they have collaborated with six coffee shops, positioning the brand for direct consumer engagement and showcasing the exceptional quality of their coffee beans. Furthermore, Stranding Trading has built a loyal customer base of over 200 individuals, serving their coffee needs with personalized attention and ensuring utmost satisfaction in every cup.

Stranding Trading

Knots Tailoring, a leading tailor service business, presents the Q4 2022 report, providing insights into the company’s performance during the period. This report outlines the key tasks undertaken, challenges faced, and the responsible parties involved.

Q3 Report Brief: In Q3 2022, Knots Tailoring successfully launched workshops and offered tailor services for personal items, aiming to attract more clients. However, gaining businesses’ trust proved to be challenging, and promotional efforts did not yield the desired results due to fierce competition.

Q4 2022 Key Tasks: The focus for Q4 2022 was the launch of a multi-vendor website, creating a platform for businesses to showcase and sell their products. The goal was to establish a thriving marketplace similar to popular brands like SHEIN and ASOS, with a commission of 15% per item sold.

Responsible Parties: Enchantment Management Company, AITS, and other businesses collaborated to develop and manage the multi-vendor website.

Challenges: The primary challenge encountered was gaining businesses’ confidence to join the platform, resulting in limited registrations and insufficient revenue to cover expenses.

Recommendations: Moving forward, it is crucial to enhance the multi-vendor website, focusing on marketing initiatives, attracting more vendors and customers. Adjusting the commission structure, providing comprehensive support to vendors, and fostering partnerships with local fashion schools can further drive growth. Continuous feedback collection from stakeholders will help identify areas for improvement and address concerns promptly.


The Art Scene

The Scene, also known as the Art Scene, is a unique venture owned 25% by Enchantment Management. The company focuses on providing art classes to enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of art styles such as pouring, acrylic, and other specialized techniques. Each class accommodates 10 students, ensuring personalized attention and guidance. The Scene collaborates with experienced and knowledgeable teachers from the artist community who specialize in the specific art form being taught. These teachers are paid a percentage of the registration fees, incentivizing them to deliver high-quality instruction.

In addition to traditional art classes, The Scene has introduced a popular concept called “Sip and Paint.” This collaboration with hotels allows participants to enjoy drinks while engaging in an art class. The combination of creativity and socializing has proven to be a hit among customers, attracting a broader audience.

Expanding their offerings, The Scene has ventured into the world of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) projects. While no completed projects have been achieved yet, the company is actively exploring this emerging field, anticipating a potential resurgence of interest.

Furthermore, The Scene has capitalized on its expertise by creating custom paints for hotels and fine dining restaurants. This strategic move has generated substantial profits, as establishments seek unique and high-quality art supplies to enhance their ambiance.

The Scene continues to thrive as a hub for artistic expression, fostering creativity, and providing opportunities for individuals to explore various art forms in an engaging and enjoyable environment.

Steve Craft Contracting, primarily owned by Enchantment Management with a 75% stake, is a specialized construction company focused on building shops. With a deep understanding of the licenses required by various governmental entities, the company efficiently navigates the regulatory landscape, ensuring faster project completion and increased accuracy in adherence to regulations.

Over the past two years, Steve Craft Contracting has successfully completed the construction of six restaurants, four salons, and three trading shops. By focusing exclusively on shops, the company has honed its expertise in meeting the specific needs and requirements of commercial establishments. This specialization enables them to deliver tailored solutions that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of each space.

The company’s commitment to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and adherence to timelines has earned them a reputation for excellence in the industry. Steve Craft Contracting maintains a team of skilled professionals who possess the necessary expertise and experience to execute projects with precision.

As a leading construction company in the commercial sector, Steve Craft Contracting continues to demonstrate its ability to deliver exceptional results, providing clients with high-quality shop constructions that meet their specific business needs.

Steve Craft Contracting

Our Studio

Hexa Production is a versatile production company that specializes in providing a wide range of services aimed at enhancing brand visibility and engagement. With a primary focus on Instagram account management, Hexa Production assists businesses in curating and maintaining captivating social media profiles that effectively communicate their brand identity.

The company excels in creating stunning videos that showcase services and products in an engaging and visually appealing manner. From product shoots to podcast production, Hexa Production ensures that businesses have high-quality multimedia content that captures attention and drives interest.

In addition to commercial services, Hexa Production extends its expertise to government campaigns, helping public entities effectively communicate their messages to the target audience through impactful visual content. The company also offers menu shooting services for restaurants, branding design and guidelines for businesses, and mockup creation for various purposes.

With its comprehensive suite of production services, Hexa Production empowers businesses and organizations to elevate their online presence, effectively convey their brand messaging, and captivate their target audience. By leveraging their creativity and technical prowess, Hexa Production enables clients to achieve their marketing and branding objectives with excellence.

Alriffaie IT Solutions (AitS) is a dynamic IT company that has evolved from being part of Alriffaie Consultancy to becoming a prominent player in the industry. As the demand for IT services grew significantly, AitS recognized the need to establish itself as a separate entity, specializing in government contract tenders, acting as an agency for international brands, and venturing into the app development sector with Enchantment holding a majority stake of 51%.

In the government contract tenders sector, AitS brings its expertise to navigate the complex landscape of government procurement. By providing innovative and tailored IT solutions, the company aims to support the digital transformation initiatives of government entities, ensuring efficiency, transparency, and enhanced service delivery.

Entering the app development sector allows AitS to tap into the ever-growing mobile market. The company’s skilled developers and designers create customized applications that cater to the unique needs of clients, empowering them to enhance their operations, engage customers, and drive business growth in the digital realm.

By diversifying into these sectors, AitS positions itself as a comprehensive IT solutions provider. The government contract tenders sector capitalizes on the opportunities presented by public sector digitization, while the agency for international brands sector opens doors to premium PC parts and expands product offerings. Simultaneously, the app development sector leverages the widespread use of mobile devices and offers tailored solutions for businesses to thrive in the digital age. With Enchantment’s support and strategic guidance, AitS is well-equipped to seize opportunities, meet market demands, and deliver value-added IT solutions to its clients.

Alriffaie IT Solution