It depends on the type of agency. If it is a feedstock or a product, you need to know all their requirements and their compatibility with the local market. Also, the extent of their need in the market and the possibility of competition. As for companies that have an agency in other countries, did they benefit or not?

In the case of feedstock, do you plan on taking the recipe after several years and use it with another name? Or will you continue using the same name?

All of these topics should be included in the feasibility study, in addition to regular things. The prices usually range between SR 3000 to 5000 for a superficial, non-in-depth one.

The numbers are approximate according to the data and the company’s current vision and its developments for the next three years.

However, prices rise a lot if you want a feasibility study to receive companies, agencies, methods of communications, letters, expected market prices, profit, etc.

Personally, in the meantime, you don’t need them until everything is going well after the first two years.