When the location is not suitable, it means that it was based on dreams and lack of planning or the absence of a feasibility study, but this is not the end.

Was the business successful at a particular time? Or are there requests and because of the location people are no longer buying from it?

Let us assume that the business is a restaurant, you can depend on external orders, and transfer the shop after a year without spending any amount of income.

However, you need to know whether the business is currently losing money or supporting itself? Let us assume that it loses and must pay by the owner monthly, so in this case, closing it would be better than keeping it if there is no way to avoid this problem. In my opinion, there is always a solution.

Delivery or electronic stores may solve the problem of 90% of the stores, especially if the product can be shipped outside the country unless the business works only with the arrival of the customer such as salons. In this case, the offer must be excellent to the extent that no one could say that it is far away, by providing long-term offers and collecting enough money to transfer it as soon as possible.

I do not recommend having an investor unless it is impossible to bear the costs of transferring. In this case, you can take a loan, or get a partner at a rate that doesn’t exceed 25% to help moving it, without the right of the management.