This is one of the frequently asked questions.

In most countries, e-commerce has existed since the late 1990s. However, for us, it started only 10 years ago.

In the past, payment and placing information about the bank card online was considered a major problem because everyone was afraid of being robbed. However, nowadays, people are more open to e-commerce and buy stuff from sites around the world. In addition, there are companies, such as Shopify that help to open an online store in minutes.

As for specializing in e-commerce, the problem is that it has become so easy that anyone can start without getting any help of an expert, and marketing is considered very expensive.

As an example, a normal store needs capital of SR 50,000, while an online store may start from SR 100, but it needs SR 50,000 for advertising to grow.

Currently, the Salla website has 150,000 stores, and they are only available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The problem here is “How many of them are popular?”