The supply of goods to a faraway village needs logistical matters, which is difficult without sufficient experience from logistical companies.

Even if it lacks most of the basic things, it doesn’t mean that they need it, or that there is an easy way to reach the village, or leaving it to the nearest city or place to purchase.

However, if you want to learn logistical matters, you have to learn the best transportation methods. This depends on the type of goods transported to and from those villages. You should think of whether the goods need air conditioning or large areas because it will change the kind of cars you need and so on.

Moreover, you have to calculate transportation and its method. For example, cars that arrive from China to Dubai, carry some tools from Dubai to the Kingdom of Bahrain and then deliver goods from Bahrain to other Gulf countries, then buy raw materials and deliver them to China, and take other goods, and so on. However, the car’s route without a commodity is a loss. The presence of exchange points in the half is another issue.

You have to learn more into these matters before delving into it or you will run into the hidden costs problems that I talked about in the podcast.