As for relying on feasibility studies, the answer is no.

The business change on a daily basis and the feasibility study is written according to your perception of the project. For example, if you need a feasibility study to sell eggs in Africa, I will provide you with the data you need starting from the total amount, method, plan, amount, and whether it is appropriate or not.

However, after a month, if you want to change the product or service, you need to change the feasibility study, its numbers, and so on.

It is a changeable plan during the first three years, and all you have to do is track it and change things periodically.

As for specialization, companies can write about any discipline.

The general idea of a feasibility study is easy that all companies can do. They will search for a specialty and the projects’ ideas and collect information from specialists, and that’s why their prices are so high.

The prices of feasibility studies start from SR 3,000 and reach SR 60,000 depending on the company itself and the type of study.