People usually associate selling products at a low price with quality, which makes pricing very difficult.

Reducing the market price without diminishing people’s perception is a huge problem, and the heart of it is pricing.

Some people don’t know about the pricing method. Usually, people get used to the prices according to the first one who introduced a certain product. Thus, they refuse to pay more and call whoever sells it with a higher price as “cheater or greedy”

There is a long calculation on each product, even if it is just a pen.

Product price + delivery + marketing/number of products + estimated monthly cost/number of products expected to be sold + interest required.

If you forget any of this, you will not succeed, and if you raise the price after all this, people will run away! If you currently have competitors, and you can decrease the price without any interest in order to lose them.

However, if you don’t have enough money, try to be unique. For example, if the competitors do not have an Instagram account, be the first. Also, you can use influencers for marketing if no one did that before. So, try to do a different thing and try to have someone who asks about prices from time to time to make sure of the market price.