There are two types of people who are not punctual.

One of them is who arrives before the appointment and wants to be the first to get in. There are two easy solutions for them. The first one is letting them wait for their turns and give them a note that there is no entry before the actual time of the appointment. The second one is giving them a note as soon as they arrive to inform them about the exact time of the appointment and if they ask for the reason, tell them that these are the rules.

The second type is those who arrive late. Communication companies inform you that if you missed your appointment after five clients, you have to make another one. However, we tried something else. While booking an appointment on the phone, we inform the clients that a 10% tax will be added if they arrived after 30 minutes of the appointment. The strange thing is that the delay does not exist anymore!

For people who miss the appointment, we register their names on the system, so next time we inform them that they will be on the waiting list and there is no specific appointment because they missed the first one.

Thus, they will not arrive late nor miss the appointments.