It is one of the easiest ways to reach customers.

One of the differences is knowing the targeted group with their phone numbers and e-mails, and through the information, you can reach them.

In addition to that, most of the companies are present on LinkedIn. You can find their personal information and their company information in the accounts. You can also know their employees and their names, therefore if you want to sell account systems, you can add all the accountants in the country you are in and start displaying information about computer programs with sponsored ads. So, if it suits anyone of them, they can communicate with the owner of the company and provide them with your number. You can also apply the same method to any other service.

If your focus is on small companies, you can find them on sites and do a search for the stores’ numbers, such as the Sijilat site in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In more details, if you sell products to small restaurants, it is possible to search for all the restaurants in Galali area, for example, and see the names and numbers, and start communicating with them, then you can start marketing.