Managing a food truck can sometimes be more difficult than managing a shop.

Currently, owners are always there with the worker due to the ease of being ripped off! + It depends on its location or the exhibition. Also, sometimes it is difficult for a foreign worker to control a large number of customers, especially in summer season, or if there are an exhibition and admission is free, in addition to the presence of a large crowd and so on.

The presence of the food truck owner is important because they will gain respect of people, and so they will wait for their turn. Thus, problems will be reduced.

Moreover, most of the time the ingredients run out entirely due to the small size of the food track, and in these exhibitions, people wait at least half an hour.

You have to think about the number of employees, so you can hire them temporarily during the exhibition season because you don’t need them during the whole year. You can manage it with only one employee throughout the year, except for the exhibition seasons, where you need 5 or more employees.