Food is the only commodity that will last forever + the only thing that has the most demands. However, it depends on the type of cooking, the place, the targeted group, and the style; because there has been a lot of distraction.

If the idea is to open a restaurant, it has to be unique and different with a substantial budget. Also, there are a lot of ways that encourage you to reach it.

However, sweets and coffee shops are saturated in some countries.

If it is a new type of food, my advice is to start at home, unless you have the budget.

Moreover, it can be with other methods. For example, there are people offering training sessions to housekeepers. So, if your cooking is popular and everyone loves it, you can offer educational courses to housekeepers and housewives with a specific number and amount to teach them how to cook several dishes.

Another business could be selling home-made food for female employees with a monthly contract without the weekend.