How is trade in 2030 or more than 10 years later?

It’s hard to predict but not impossible. Do you see the progress of trade in the USA now for us? At least five years and there are other businesses that need five years.

You can have a look at the most important businesses on the market and so on.

E-commerce started 20 years ago in the USA, and 10 years ago, every store had an e-commerce one. While, to us, it has started to increase 3 years ago, yet there are some stores that started 15 years ago.

Providing services there is now widespread with high income and employment + all stores have an online store, as well as free delivery around the world and unconventional marketing.

The way is to look at any country that has things that did not reach us yet or learn from their current businesses like smart contracts, e-sport, affiliation marketing, SkillShare, and impact theory university.

These things help in learning and developing, or consider things differently.