If the expenses are more than the profits, then it is not necessarily that you are losing, but you may have a small mistake that you have overlooked.

For example, sometimes you may spend money that is not yours. For example, when you pay me an amount in exchange for providing you a service for a year, and my interest is 20%, and I spent 40% on myself, I will not feel the loss until the end of the year when the rest of the amount is spent.

If you own a restaurant and people get tired of it, then this is normal, and if you do not change the food and dishes or do not market in a new way, you will start losing.

If you increase your expenses more than necessary, you can reduce them and move them to another place to increase the return.

For example, there is an employee who works at 20% of what is required of him, you can dispense with him by increasing the salary of another employee by 25% of his current salary. This means that you saved 75% without losing work efficiency, and you can use 50% of the remaining amount in marketing, as well as increasing your sales.

The intention is to see the difference and where the problem lies, and whether it is in the expenses, lack of marketing, errors in the accounts, or lack of continuous development, then you should fix it.