What is the studio equipment?

Do you need a regular camera, GoPro camera, or a video camera? Do you need indoor or outdoor lighting?

It all depends on the type of equipment, type of photography, and country. So, you need to choose what suits you and your family, then go ahead.

Currently, you can photograph products for online stores. Some stores prefer sending products to your home, then you photograph them and resend them with the pictures. Prices currently range from SR 50 to SR 150 per image. The higher the number of photos, the lower the price.

It would be good if you have a way or a place for photographing influencers on social media; because there is a great scarcity of photographing clothes and models in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as far as I know.

If you have the ability to host designers and models to photograph them, then you will see the turnout. However, you will need a big advertisement and free photography for a period of time to highlight the strength of your work and your skill.