As long as the business is successful, where is the problem? If it’s in continuous success, an increase of selling, and you are comfortable, it means that planning is there but not clear + maybe if you plan for the business, it will change and loss.

We see a lot of this with older people. For example, one has a restaurant and buys from the grocery store to cook and get money. However, his children start developing it by buying from the factory because it is cheaper than the grocery store, they launch an application, change the staff, and use accounting software, then (oops!) the business lose!

Some things go properly, and the problem (as in the previous example) is that sometimes the factory requires contracts and when the sales decrease, the owner of the restaurant has to pay either way. Also, replacing the employee with the accountant software made the company lose this employee who was steeling but did the job properly. Moreover, launching the app made people think that the restaurant increased the prices, so they don’t buy from it anymore.

Everything has to be studied well, but we need to know the reason behind not succeeding before changing anything.