Ads and SEO are both important. SEO is for the long term, and if the provided service is in the interest of companies such as accounting, construction services, and so on, are they hard to get, and the person will need to search for them on Google? Even if they are simple, you need to think about them.


As for distributing ads or choosing one post, as experienced in a marketing company, if we choose a picture or a video and pay 1000 SR, or divide it into 10 pictures or videos (videos are better) each 100$, you will get triple results than the division. However, the question here is: “what is your purpose of advertising?”

– If to increase the number of followers, divide the amount and enlarge the space of searching.

– If it is to sell, then it depends on whether it is available only in your region or everywhere else. So, the focus is on the point of sale and useful areas.

– If it is to build a reputation, then you need to improve the quality of the videos and advertising for a long time that may reach two years uninterrupted.


Measuring success depends on the reason for the ads:

– If it is to sell, a discount code when swiping up may measure the success.

– If to increase the number of followers and views, each 30 SR has to reach 10,000 views and at least 30 followers + 120 likes.

– If it is about reputation, pay, and wait for people to talk about your product after a year.


As for defining the targeted audience, have a look at your followers or the clients. In this way, you will evaluate the targeted group. However, if you mean for ads, choose the automatic bottom, and it will automatically see your followers, the kind of posts they like, the tags they search for, and the focus will be on them.