There is no such thing as employees’ minds. During employment, you may have an interview with 100 people; then you choose only 10. After that, you will prepare the hardest test to choose the best out of them.

However, after one week, you will understand that the one you chose is smart in life but bad at work.

The only way is to choose your employees carefully. Sometimes, you need to ask beyond what is expected. Let them feel that you will not accept them, then you will see them for what they are, and this is the point!

You can always improve your employees’ minds. If you have the chance to see the first 100 employees in the largest companies in the world, you will see that they are bad in life but believe in the vision of the company, and this is the reason behind their creativity and development of themselves. So, they will have a sense of belonging, and this is a hundred times better than someone who will ruin the work environment.