If the service provided is really unique, then first you have to convince a group of people to work with you; in most cases, it is either done by reducing prices with the customer’s risk or by working with people you know.

The value of the product comes from people and the first impression + depending on the kind of the product. For example, I will pay SR 20 for a burger, but I will not pay SR 10 for shawarma. Although I prefer shawarma instead of burgers, we are used to their prices.

As for showing people the product’s quality, they have to try it first and then tell them the price, just like Baskin-Robbins and Red Bull. However, if it is clothes, it should be through a special offer with a model, good lighting, and professional photography.

However, it differs when it comes to providing services.

You should try building an identity to help you sell the service because nowadays, a personal reputation is the best way to sell.