The job is not necessarily at all when you can avoid it by starting your own business. However, what is the benefit of a job?

First of all, you will learn new skills, and you will learn from staff problems and solutions. You will also learn how to deal with employees when you have your own business.

Secondly, earning enough money to start a business, but the problem here is that people save only 20%, which becomes 10%, and later on, it becomes 0%, and they do not quit the job forever.

In my opinion, if possible, try to save 100% for about 3-6 months, then start your own business. The easiest way to do it is by eating at home, using the cheapest transportation way, staying at home, not buying clothes, nor anything else.

Finally, the job is not important if you have a skill. Try to offer it for free. For example, if you want a business in designing, go online, design whatever you want for free, and consider it as the capital, but rather than using money, you will use time.