I have two opinions on this topic:

The first one, if the first person is the owner of the total capital and the other is the owner of the total business, then the ratio depends on the size of the sum, which means that when I invest with you in the amount of 50,000 + it is impossible for you to manage them, and the profits will not return until after 4 years, then 50% is appropriate in this case.

However, if I invested with you, even if the amount is 100,000, but it is expected to be returned within a year or less, even by a small percentage, then I will agree on 25% on the condition that I do not get involved in the work. I just have the right to view all the company’s papers at any time.

As for the other opinion, I pay and work, and you only work, then my percentage is supposed to reach 90%, and this depends on my work and the amount that will be invested. So, in this case, the investor can go with any other person as long as they own the amount and has the knowledge of the business.