Mobile Application

A mobile application means the software codes that are created and designed in the same form and specifications as your website on the web, and then placed in the application market, so that any mobile user can download and use it after it appears in the form of an icon when you open it, leading it to your site so that it can browse it smoothly. Easily communicate with the site page and its administration.

Through our services provided to our esteemed customers, we seek to provide a distinguished service to make designs for mobile applications of various kinds in order to provide a useful service to the customer and meet his needs through the following:

  1. Providing suitable designs for the customer at reasonable prices.
  2. Presenting designs that attract users.

Features of mobile applications provided by the company:

  1. Provides all the applications suitable for different types of sites with ease.
  2. Creates high-quality Android and iPhone designs, aesthetic and unique designs that satisfy the customer’s taste.
  3. Provides various models of designs that help website owners and companies interact with their customers with ease and with minimal effort.
  4. The company is keen to check all the customer’s observations in order to create an application suitable to his desires and meet his requirements.



Building mobile application with the following specifics:

  • The mobile application is a guide for Bahrain point of interest and latest embassy news
  • Language: Arabic and English
  • Operation system: IOS and Android
  • Number of screens: not specified.
  • SRS: not included.
  • User case: not included.
  • Maintenance: 1 year complimentary and 15% annually.