HR Manual

The basic principle for the success of any establishment is the development and preservation of competencies in accordance with a good methodology, to invest in the most valuable asset, which is human resources. The human resources manual plays a pivotal role in attracting good labor and creating the appropriate work environment.

It guarantees the rights of both the owner of the company and his employees in the organization. It is an integrated file that includes all files related to employees from employment contracts to internal laws, and which contains solutions to all problems that may occur with employees, as it is a way to create an institutional system and a culture for the company, and help to recruit properly.



Employment contract.

Circular regulation:

  1. Attendance circular
  2. Bonus circular
  3. Penalties circular
  4. Hospitality guideline circular
  5. Leave circular
  6. Company charter.


  1. Leaves
  2. Warning
  3. Job description.