What is a feasibility study? Why it is important? What it contains? And what are the types?

The feasibility study is considered to be extremely important in the business field as it is common to launch new projects and initiatives with little research on their feasibility. It is assumed that a feasibility study for your project is done in order to reach your project to success and become a leader for your project and manage it easily. The feasibility study will help you define your goals and important aspects of your project to present its worthiness and potential impacts at the end in addition to helping you identify a set of alternative solutions and plans in case of failure and thus it is a crucial tool to help the team decide on the most feasible solution to implement. Although every project is not worth spending a lot of time and money in hiring a company to conduct a well-studied feasibility study, it is useful to know that you can do it yourself through a set of effective advice for your project. A feasibility study is a study carried out by the organization to evaluate the project economically and to know how successful it is and the aim of this study is a specific feasibility test. The question that must be answered is “Should we go ahead with the specific business plan?”, in addition to determining if the plan is feasible, organizations can use the business case to understand the risks and prepare for them.

The feasibility study consists of 14-20 pages. The company do it from scratch and based on the manager’s experiences in the market and this is what makes it different than other companies.

:Deliver bills• A pre-consultation • The feasibility documentation • A post-consultation • 1 year added value (any inquiries or questions in WhatsApp about the feasibility study)

(any inquiries or questions in WhatsApp about the feasibility study)

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