Mohammed Alriffaie

Growing business in a fast and sustainable manner is my true passion, and influencing small or large companies is my true mission and directing a team to help me reach a wider range of clients gives me tremendous satisfaction

In the Kingdom of Bahrain, I believe that I have unique privileges to be involved in all sectors, not to mention the pleasure of working with highly respected companies throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the State of Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates that are keen on accessing job opportunities with clients from the Middle East and North Africa region

Last but not least, my goal is to help entrepreneurs in their journey of growth and fulfillment of their dreams by guiding them to the right path

تواصل مع محمد الرفاعي لأي فرصة عمل في البحرين

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دليل أعمالنا كدروس فيديو من قبل مستشار الأعمال الخبير محمد الرفاعي

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Consulting should be a routine in the company. When you hear the opinion of a person who has no interest in your company and does not know you personally, you might benefit from what he says despite that it’s completely opposite to what you believe in, which might help you to grow your company in the right way